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Here are some things that you should know:

I am not into cyber-sex or "falling in love" with you or giving you my hard-earned bisexual bucks.  If you are looking for that, STOP NOW and take yourself somewhere else.

I am for all intents and purposes an atheist.  I have a traumatic brain injury.  Sometimes I curse a little bit.  I will not censor myself for your comfort level.  Sometimes I will talk about current events.  I may talk about all kinds of things here.  Disagreement is cool.  Name-calling is not.  Let's endeavor to be friendly even when we do disagree.  If I think that something I write is potentially triggering to other survivors, I will place that under an lj cut.  I am not so easily triggered myself these days.  Which is good.  It took me a very long time to get to where I am today.

I detest PETA ["animal husbandry, not animal rights" is my stance].  I've witnessed the PETA people demand that Fishkill Creek in downstate New York be renamed to "Fishlive Creek."  The kill part of Fishkill is derived from a Dutch suffix that translates to "full of."  Thus, "Fishkill" means "full of fish."  I've also been to Penn's Cove in Pennsylvania.  A tour guide there told me that the PETA folks had shown up.  They sprinkled themselves among the legitimate tourists and began to complain loudly that the wolves at Penn's Cove were being mistreated because since they were related to dogs they ougt to have dog houses.  These particular wolves were very well cared for.  Within their very large enclosure, they had their own mountain.  The Penn's Cove wolves had carved their own den into the side of their private mountain.  The owners were forced to do something because the PETA people were wrecking their business.  So a bunch of dog houses were airlifted into the enclosure.  The wolves tore up the dog houses and pissed on them.

I detest OVR, BVR, VESID, AccesNY, sheltered workshops, or any other form of human servitude courtesy of the System and the professional helpers who think that they know better than we do about our own lives.  My experience with these people has been that if you are a tractable disabled person grateful for the crumbs, the bureaucrats will find you a crappy job or place you into the disabled gulag known as a sheltered workshop.  Most popular places of supportive employment appear to be retail hellholes.  Second popular is a factory assembly line.  If those ideas are rejected, they might try to offer you the "opportunity" to sign up for assembling products at home-- a known rip-off btw.  Or, they will try to talk you into applying for a job that you can do "at home" with a company that only hires disabled people.  When it comes to helping creative people, people who are atypical, not ordinary, people who question and dare to challenge or ask "why"-- you just might be better off finding bits of cash work or working on writing and publishing that book that has been burning a hole in your dreams.  JK [Rowling] is my inspiration.  She was broke by all accounts.  She wrote the first Harry Potter book during stolen moments.  Boom.  She is not on the dole anymore.  Talent doesn't just happen.  It must be honed.  Anything worth having is worth working for.  My journal here will include bits of things that I am thinking about writing-- possibly a book on my experiences with my father as he wrestles with Lewey Body Dementia which I will publish after he dies-- and some other stuff.

I am non-partisan.  I distrust most politicians equally.  I am against granting any form of amnesty to illegal aliens.  I don't believe that I should personally own a gun at this time.  I think it's cool that other people do stuff like hunt.  What is happening with the gun laws these days is ridiculous.  Let each state figure things out.  I don't want the government to interfere with that or much of anything else.   I cannot smoke pot safely.  I do believe that marijuana should be legalized.  I am against big government, CISPA, ACTA, PIPA and all that other insane crap that Big Hollywood and/or the politicians seem to be so fond of coming up with these days.    I hate drones.  I am not confused about security vs. privacy.  I know that the two words are not opposite.  Thus, I oppose warrant-less electronic wiretapping.  Furthermore, I think that censorship sucks.  I will amend that by pointing out that I absolutely hate pedophilia and kiddie porn.  On the other hand, fanfic is fanfic.  No actual kids are harmed in the making of fanfic.  I remember El Jay when there was all kinds of butt-hurt and random fundamentalists crying "For The Children."  If you have kids, it is your job to police what they do on the internet.

                                                                                                              By the way, Sirius & Remus forever!

I know that abstinence-only education is FAIL.  Teens who want to have sex [and face it, quite a few teens do] will have it whether they are provided with a sound sex education or not.   I am for civil rites for all civils.  If you don't like this so-called gay marriage, then don't marry a gay.  Most of us in the gay lesbian bisexual transgendered inter-sexed queer questioning and asexual communities know that when it comes to straights and sex, the fantasy is much better than the reality.  We don't want to convert you.  We certainly don't want to convert your children or teens.  I believe that  the life of the mother takes precedence over the life of the fetus.  I remember the days of coat hangers.  I am not interested in going back to those days.  Again, if you object to abortion, don't have one.

Friends Only

I am not here to be converted to your religion, your god or gods, your spirituality, or your thing.  I have my own ways of being.  Having said all of that, I hope to re-connect with some old El Jay buds and make a few new ones.  This is not a numbers game for me.  I do endeavor to answer comments and to make well-thought out comments on the pages of my friends.  I am sorry that I ran off from El Jay for a bit.  But I am back now and I want to stay-- as long as Live Journal does not devolve into Live Urinal again.  So, if you want to be added as a friend, comment here.  [Yes, these comments are screened].  If I know you from somewhere on the web, include where.  Thanks.
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